About Us

Allow Nyaari to take you on a journey that will be filled with chic ethnic wear from start to finish.

Our designs are different, extra-ordinary even. We only pick those stylish designs that are on the same page as today’s fashion trends. And, our brand has vowed to exhibit only those products to you that will catch your eye as soon as you see them.

With flattering silhouettes serving as the foundation of our brand, we promise to deliver to you women’s clothes that are of the highest standard and most pristine quality.

Affordability will never be an issue. Nyaari is well-aware of how today’s women want to shop without regretting their shopping later. Therefore, we have the best ethnic wear that also has the best prices. The costs will not burn a hole in your pocket. And, later on, you, your wallet and your wardrobe will thank us for the spectacular additions we will make to your fashionable life.

It’s not just about the feel-good factor with us. Because we aim to provide you with the best outfits EVER. To make sure that they look their best, we will help you in styling them appropriately using videos which we will upload on a regular basis.

The truth is that we would be honored to serve as your virtual stylists. You just have to place your trust in us and in the products we are SO excited to offer to you.

Hand-picked by a team that has read its fair share of fashion magazines and knows the ins and outs of the Indian fashion industry, Nyaari’s ethnic wear for women has been deemed classy and elegant.

We, at Nyaari, made sure that we curated a clothing collection for EVERYONE. That is because we did not want anyone to be left out. So, our women’s clothing collections will be suitable for the stay-at-home Mom, the Gen-Z girl or the woman who works from 9-5.

Our line of women’s wear is made for EVERY occasion as well. From going for a picnic with family to catching up with friends, we house women’s ethnic wear for every occasion there is.

A brief look at our website will help you realize that all our women’s ethnic wear is comfortable, beautiful and sophisticated.

We are a Jaipur brand that desires to go global. We wish to provide today’s woman with clothes she will love to adorn and walk around in.

Nyaari is one step forward in the direction of fast fashion that is stylish and environment-conscious. Nyaari is a brand for you, for her and for all of them.